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Empresa Company of the sector of the metallurgical industry in Blanes

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Valentí Gabandé, S.L.

Our business can translate into more than 25 years of experience in the metal industry, specifically in the iron, stainless steel and aluminum sectors, offering quality and reliable solutions. We are constantly working on technological innovation and improving our facilities to achieve the best results. Visit our facilities in Blanes.
In 2016 we took a big leap and joined the Aluminier Technal Network, which is synonymous with quality and innovation.
Since the beginning of 2018 Valentí Gabandé, S.L. it is located at 10 Matagalls Street in Blanes.
The experience and effectiveness of our technical group, makes us one of the leading companies in this sector. We offer you proposals for any tipe of work, rehabilitation, industry and / or decoration (inside or outside).
We advise you in an efficient and exhaustive way in questions as diverse as the choice of the type of product or the type of material suitable to meet all your needs.
The builders, developers, architects and engineers find Valentí Gabandé, S.L. they guarantee the most adequate and reliable solution to carry out their projects.

We make your wishes come true with creative and technically impeccable solutions. We take charge of the installation and assembly and we provide your spaces with an a-temporal elegance. For Valentí Gabandé, S.L., the wishes of our customers are priority, for this reason and regardless of whether we work for companies, individuals or the administration, we always find the ideal solution at a fair price.
Come to know our facilites. We will be happy to offer you personalized quote without obligation.


Since always, in Valentí Gabandé, S.L., our main objective has been customer satisfaction. We take care of all the details from the beginning to the end, offering a post-sale service. It is for this reason, that we work every day under the premise of offering the best Quality, Service and Professionalism.

Human team

We are facing a large team of professionals who combine extensive and knowledge. The team of Valentí Gabandé, S.L., works to offer continuous improvement and meet the needs of our customers.


We are specialists in the manufacture and installation of metal and aluminum carpentry, dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of structures, all kinds of aluminum closures (windows, doors, railings,...), curtain walls, ventilated facades, etc.
Definitely, we offer a personalized service and we adapt to any need, both for individuals and companies. We have all the machinery and technology required with a wide range of products, which offer the highest quality, safety and efficiency at a competitive price.

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 Company with years of experience in the metallurgical sector 

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