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línea vertical apoyo gráfico

Specialized in aluminum closures in Blanes 

línea vertical apoyo gráfico

Aluminum carpentry services

In Valentí Gabandé, S.L.we habe a large group of professionals to offer a comprehensive service. We are specialized in aluminum joinery articles, such as aluminum closures. Request our services in Blanes.
The services we offer are:

  • Study, analysis, project, management and execution of the best solutions for closures, solar protection and energy efficiency for the building

  • Analysis of pathologies and proposals for closure solutions for the affected building or house

  • Realization of plants for a project of closures, solar protection, ventilated facades or curtain walls at the basic or execution level
Ventana de aluminio

  • Realization of plans to study the budget, as for its execution or for the fabrication of a project of closures, solar protection, ventilated facades or curtain walls

  • Analysis and technical study, as well as management and execution for architectural integration projects of photovoltaic solar energy

  • Technical study and execution of the domotization of a house, office or public or private space, so that it is more efficient and sustainable, from the point of view of savings in electricity consumption, comfort, health considering the healthiness of the air, etc.

  • Other Services such as:
    • Technical office
    • Advice
    • Calculation of budgets
    • Taking measures
    • Execution of the offered items
    • Construction management
    • Quality assurance of installed products
    • Maintenance of closures
    • Post sale
    • Repair of closures

Aluminum products and materials

In Valentí Gabandé, S.L., we have a wide range of materials and products to carry out your project:

  • Materials
    • Profiles, plates and aluminum systems
    • Accessories and articles for aluminum and glass systems
    • Interior and architectural crystals
    • Polycarbonates
    • Metacrylates
    • Composite Panels
    • Sandwich Panels
    • Phenolic Panels

  • Products
    • Closures with aluminum and glass systems: windows, doors, facades, curtain walls, verandahs, etc.
    • Automatic doors: hinged, sliding and rotating.
    • Architectural integration of solar energy: photovoltaic and thermal
    • Ventilated facades: composites, phenolic, stone, etc.
    • Solar protection: blinds and lattices
    • Banisters: aluminum and glass
    • Canopies
    • Fly nets: from aluminum systems, sliding, fixed, rolling, swinging, pivoting, lifting
    • False aluminum ceilings
    • Pre-frames for windows: galvanized iron and aluminum
    • Interior divisions: glass and aluminum
    • Furniture with phenolic panels: Sanitary screens, cabinets, benches
    • Bath and shower screens

línea vertical apoyo gráfico

Request budget in aluminum structures

línea vertical apoyo gráfico

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